Stila One Step Correct Primer | Review


Hey guys. Here I am with my first and only post of the day. I know I promised two articles in the way but it didn’t went the way I wanted it to go. Sorry guys, hope you don’t mind too much. Today I’m going to talk a little about the Stila one step correct primer. I’ve been using it for a little while now and I think I can give my honest opinion on it. Also my lovely friend Inez was curious about my thoughts, so this one goes out to her! So if you want to know what my thoughts are on this primer, then please keep reading.

First things first, I went to the stilacosmetics website, where you can buy the primer for $36, and I checked to see what they wrote about the product.

«  Swirl your way to perfect skin in one step! This innovative, triple-swirled helix serum instantly primes, color-corrects, brightens and nourishes skin for a flawless face with no fuss. 

The revolutionary product contains 3 color-correcting pigments to even out complexion:

  • Green tone instantly neutralizes redness and conceals blemishes
  • Lavender tone counteracts sallow undertones for a vibrant, energized look
  • Peach tone brightens, illuminates and helps diminish the appearance of sun spots

Supercharged with Stila’s proprietary Youth Revival Bio-Available Mineral Complex™ to help hydrate, control oil, and diminish the appearance of pores and fine lines. »

Basically this primer tells us that it has three color correcting qualities inside the primer, doesn’t that sound amazing? When I first used this primer I was shocked to see the consistency of the primer had the exact same colors as the swirls you see in the bottle. Like obviously it makes sense but somehow I was not expecting it.

This is what the packaging of the primer looks like. I really like that you can see how the primer looks inside of it. I always like knowing what I put on my face.

One pump of the primer is enough to cover my entire face. When you put it on your face and then massage it into your skin you get a nice refreshing feeling. Plus it’s a bit cooling which I really like. The primers consistency is thick, but it blends into your skin like a dream.

I love this primer, it exactly does what it says. I have some redness on my face mostly my cheeks but every time I’ve used this, it’s as good as gone. Your face looks more radiant and awake, and I just love the feeling of it.

Below I have three pictures, one with my bare face (I do have my eyebrows done already and they don’t look good), one with the primer on it, and one when I’ve massaged the primer into my skin. You can see the difference for yourself.

You may not be able to see it clearly but my skin looks so much better, the redness is almost gone and in general I think it just looks brighter. Like I’ve said before my photos don’t have a great quality so it won’t be easy to see but you get the point I’m trying to make.

Conclusion: I would recommend this primer. Especially if you have a lot of redness on your skin or your face looks dull sometimes. It feels fantastic on your skin and my foundation blends perfectly on top of it. I really don’t have any complaints. I think the price is a bit expensive but if a product is worth it, I personally don’t mind to pay a little more.

Rating: 9/10

I hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know what your experiences are with this primer. Or rec me some primers you really like. See you tomorrow!

All the love, Des x

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