#100DaysofMakeup | Day 2/100

Hii everyone, I hope you’re all doing well! Today it’s day 2 of my new column, the 100DaysofMakeup. I am gonna be honest, I am in no means good in makeup. I love doing it and sometimes I like how it turns out and other times I think it looks pretty awful. But to stay true to the challenge and myself I’ve decided to even post the looks I don’t like. So bare with me on this one because I am not too fond of it. If you want to see my day 2 look, then keep on reading.

I started with my NYX eyeshadow base and put some Essence mattifying powder to set it. Then I grabbed the palette I wanted to use for today’s look, The Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette.


I started by putting the White Chocolate shade over my entire eyelid up till my eyebrow bone. Then, I grabbed Salted Caramel, which is a perfect transition shade, and put that into my crease using a fluffy blending brush. I blended until I was satisfied and grabbed some of Semi-Sweet to darken up the crease. I made sure everything was once again perfectly blended and than started to work on my lid shades. I put a little bit of Black Forrest Truffle on a flat eyeshadow brush and put it on the inside and outside of my eyelid. I, then, put some Candied Violet on another eyeshadow brush and put that on the center of my lid where I had a little space left. I blended Candied Violet in with the other lid shades to make sure there were no hard lines anymore.

After I did that, I went back to Salted Caramel, put some more of it in my crease and made sure I’d blended the harsh lines of the lid shades well. The last thing I did was put a little bit of Champagne Truffle under my eyebrow bone as a highlight shade.

I went and did the rest of my makeup which didn’t go well. For some reason my ELF foundation wasn’t blending the way it normally did. So I used a little bit of my LA Girl foundation, only that made it worse. In the end I just gave up.

After I did my face, I went back to my eyes for my lower lashline. I decided to keep it very minimal there because the rest of my eyes already were quite dark. I put some of Salted Caramel on the lower lashline and that was it.

Now I only needed to decide which lipstick I wanted to wear. I wanted to keep it quite neutral and saw how I still had a new Ofra liquid lipstick I hadn’t tried. It was in the color Aries which turned out to be a perfect nude on me.

Below you see some pictures of my eye makeup. I feel like I need to mention that I’m aware it doesn’t look perfectly blended but it was in fact blended correctly. If I continue to have this blog maybe in the future I’ll invest in a better quality camera, but for now this will have to do.

And here we have two full face pictures. My nose highlight is on point.

Like I said at the start of the article, I don’t really like how it turned out but you can’t have good looks everyday. Or at least I can’t.

Here is a list of products used to create this look.

  • ABH Dipbrow in Soft Brown
  • L’oréal Brow Artist Plumper in Medium/Dark
  • NYX Eyeshadow Base
  • Essence mattifying compact powder in Light Beige
  • Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
  • Elf Hydrating face primer
  • LA Girl Foundation in Ivory
  • Elf moisturizing foundation stick in Ivory
  • Smashbox color correcting stick in light peach
  • Maybelline the Eraser Eye Perfect & Cover Concealer in Light
  • Morphe Translucent Powder
  • Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette
  • Mac New Romance mineralize blush
  • NYX Big en Bold Mascara
  • Ofra Liquid Lipstick in Aries
  • Gerard Cosmetics Slay all Day Setting Spray Jasmine

How did you think the look turned out? See you all again tomorrow!

All the love, Des x


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