Makeup Haul Part 1/2 | June 2016


Hello everyone and happy June! Time flies by so fast. Today I have part 1 of a makeup haul for you guys. I made 2 orders on 2 different websites and bought some stuff I’ve wanted for ages. It’s difficult for me to get all the brands I want since I am from the Netherlands and it’s impossible to order from the US all the time because you always pay tons of taxes. But luckily there are some online shops that are based in Europe which have some of the products I’ve been wanting to get my hands on, so I decided to order some things. You want to know and see what I got, keep on reading then!

I ordered all the products in this haul from elcorteingles. Apparently it’s a Spanish warehouse and they sell some products you usually find in stores such as Sephora. I’m just going to tell you what I got and show you some pictures of them. I’ll go more in depth on the products when I’ll do the reviews of them, so stay tuned for those posts.

First thing I bought is the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Original, you can buy it for $20 at the Urban Decay website. Like I said earlier I bought everything at elcorteingles and I paid €20.

I wanted this product since my current eye primer is not something I enjoy. And I’ve heard a lot of good things about this primer. Below you have two pictures of the packaging and of the tube of the primer itself.

Second thing I got is the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer. You can buy it at the Too Faced website for $35 though it’s momentarily out of stock. I bought it for €28,90.

Since I don’t have a bronzer yet I thought it was about time I bought one. I am very fair, so I needed to find a bronzer that wasn’t too orange or too dark. I saw this one and the color seems perfect for me. Here are some pictures of the bronzer.




The next two things I got are two blushes and they’re called the Too Faced Sweathearts blushes. You can get these in different shades on the Too Faced website for $30. I bought them for €28,90 each.

You have no idea how long I’ve wanted these blushes. I know it’s not gonna sound good but I literally wanted it for the packaging. It’s so cute. With the blush being packaged in a heart, can it get any better? I just know eventually I’m going to want them all but for now I’ve started with these two.




I always have difficulty finding a foundation that matches me but also looks good on my skin. This is the first time I bought a higher end foundation. I bought the Kat von D Lock-It Foundation. Which you can buy at the Kat von D cosmetics website for $35. I bought mine for €34,50.

There are so many foundations I’ve seen that I would love to try but I decided to buy this one. I’ve heard it gives a great coverage and I think I’d really like that. I hope the color matches me since that’s always a risk that comes with buying a foundation online.

As you can see I bought a lot of Too Faced products but there’s one more Too Faced item I bought, the Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar. You can get it at the Too Faced website for $49. I bought it for €45,50.

I already have the original Chocolate Bar palette and the Chocolate Bon Bon one. So I thought I’d buy the Semi Sweet palette because one I liked the way it looked and two I just wanted to make the Chocolate bar collection complete. The other palettes have very good pigmentation and I like the color range so I was sure this one would be the same.




The last item I got is another one from Kat von D. I got the Kat von D shade + light Eye Contour palette. It can be bought on the Kat von D website for $46. I bought if for €45.

I’ve wanted this palette for a while because I don’t think I have an entire palette with only matte shades so this seemed a good one to buy. The colors look very pretty and what I’ve seen from it online the pigmentation and quality of the palette seems really good.




That’s all the products I purchased, I’m very happy with them, since these brands aren’t easy for me to get. I hope they’re gonna work out well for me, and you can definitely let me know which products you would love to see a review on.

Do you have any of these products and if yes, do you like them and are happy with them? Let me know and I’ll talk to you all on Sunday!

All the love, Des x


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