Wishlist May 2016


Today I’m going to be doing a bit of a different post. With so many different makeup brands, there are always things I want to buy. Either high end or drugstore, there is always something on my wishlist. I thought I’d share with you guys the things that are on the top of my list right now and that I hope I’ll be able to buy as soon as possible. If you want to know which products are included in it, then keep reading.

I’m starting off with a foundation. I think this might be the product that I have most trouble finding. I have dry skin and I am very fair, but for some reason I have yet to find a high coverage foundation. Now I do have to admit I’ve mostly tried drugstore foundations because only recently did I start buying more higher end products.

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water foundation. I’ve heard great things about it, plus I love the fact it seems to be a thin formula. With thicker foundations I always find that it looks too plastered on my skin, so I hope this won’t do that.  You can buy it at the Tarte Cosmetics website  (where I got the image below from) or the Sephora website for $38.


The next product I want to talk about is the Benefit Porefessional Face primer. Around my t-zone, mostly my nose and around my nose, I have so many pores which results in making my foundation look terrible in those areas. I really need something to minimize those pores. You can buy this at the Benefit Cosmetics website (where I got the image below from) for $31.


I can’t talk about products on my wishlist without mentioning some lip products. I love everything lip related, whether it be lipsticks or liquid lipsticks, lip pencils or lipglosses. I love most colors, although pinks are my favorite. The newest trend seems to be metallic lipsticks. Milani Cosmetics recently came out with a limited edition product called: the Amore Mattallics Lip crème. Basically these are liquid lipsticks that dry down but not in a way that dries out your lips. And the fact that they are in metallic seals the deal for me. I saw Totalmakeupjunkie101 talk about them on youtube and she liked them which is the reason i want to try them since I trust her reviews. You can find them on the Milani Cosmetics website for $8,99. Image below from here.


After lipsticks, I’m pretty sure my favorite makeup item must be eyeshadows. Some palettes are so pretty I could stare at them forever, I almost don’t want to touch them, because they look so pretty. Last year I bought some MakeUp Geek eyeshadows. The hype over these shadows is huge. Every youtuber I watch, every beautyblog I read, those shadows are mentioned.

I picked some shades out at Beautybay since it’s cheaper for me to buy them from the UK than from the US, taxes and all that. I even bought a Z-Palette so I had a place to store them in. I’ve used them so many times, but they were nowhere near as good as I expected. Me being the impulsive person I am, I got sick of them after a while and angry because they weren’t working for me the way they seemed to work for everyone else. I sold them and that was that. Now I don’t actually mind since the shades I had weren’t the most flattering for me but now I want other ones, new ones. Because if something is so good, then I must have been doing something wrong for them to not work for me. They are. also. so affordable, plus the fact that there are so many shades. I want new ones! You can find them on the MakeUp Geek website  (which is where I got the image below from) for $6.


I could go on and on about the products I want but then I’d never stop probably. I might make this a monthly thing just tell to you guys some products I really want. Do you have something you really want? Or are you planning on buying any of the above items, let me know in the comments!

See you Sunday!!

All the love, Des x


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