LA Splash Lip Couture Ghoulish | First Impression


Today I’m doing kind of a first impression of the LA Splash Lip Couture in Ghoulish. I’m calling it a first impression because for a review I think I should have used this product more thoroughly, but I only just got it. Nevertheless, I wanted to share my thoughts with you. So keep reading if you want to know more about the LA Splash Lip Couture in Ghoulish.

I personally had heard about LA Splash before, but I had never used one of their products. Me being the lipstick junkie that I am, I always want to try new ones. And I’ve heard mixed reviews of this one, so I wanted to see for myself if it was good or not. I went on the LA Splash site to see what they wrote about the lipstick:

« Lip Couture’s rich waterproof shades will leave a velvety, matte finish that never transfers. Experiment with our boldest high pigmented shades — from neutral to solid black. With its innovative formula that glides on as liquid and dries matte, you are sure to turn heads! »

You can buy your lipstick on the LA Splash website, it retails for $14. Not everyone can buy from their website so check to see if your country is listed. I bought mine at Boozyshop where it retailed for €15,99. It’s a reasonable price for a lipstick in my opinion.

This is how the packaging of the products looks like and below you can see the applicator. It’s a classic doe foot applicator, although it’s more flat and long compared to what I’ve seen before. I love how the packaging looks. It’s a clear tube so you can see the colour of the products, and the golden cap and letters on the tube give it a luxurious touch.




I’ve swatched Ghoulish on my arm to see how it applies and if it takes long to dry matte. What’s funny to me is that on the arm it took way longer to dry down than it did on my lips.


Of course I also swatched the lipstick on my lips. Now I have extremely dry lips so it doesn’t look as good as I hoped. Wearing liquid lipsticks is a challenge for me because they are so dry, not that that is going to stop me.


The lipstick applies very pigmented. I didn’t have to put my lipstick back in the tube, with one swipe I could fill my lips and there was more than enough product. The formula is very liquidy, it almost feels like you’ve put water on your face. Once you’ve applied it, it’s gets very tacky, but it dries down matte extremely quickly. Within 30 secs/1 min my lips were completely dried down. I gave my hand a quick kiss to see if there would be any transfer and nothing came out, totally kiss and transfer proof.

Below there is another picture of the lipstick. I always like to know if a lipstick is buildable, because a lot of people like more color pay off. So I put on a second coat of the lipstick to see how it would look. As you can see, the color got a bit darker and it looks just as good as one coat. Once the lipstick has dried down it is less tacky than when it’s drying. Obviously if you press your lips together you can feel them sticking to each other, but that’s normal.


I’ve been wearing this lipstick for about 4,5 hours now. I’ve had to drink several glasses of water and I’ve had lunch. It’s still on my lips, only the insides are slowly fading. That’s not annoying to me at all, I’ll keep wearing it and if it gets worse I’ll just re-apply.

Conclusion: I like this a lot so far. As I said earlier this isn’t a review since I haven’t worn it for a long time, but it applies nicely. It’s pigmented, dries down quickly and isn’t tacky in a way that annoys me. The price seems reasonable, and I think I’ll definitely be picking up some more shades of this.

First impression: 8/10

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this. Have you tried the La Splash lip coutures yet, or do you plan to do in the future? See you Friday!

All the love, Des x


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