Styletone Beautybox May 2016 | Unboxing


Hello everybody, I hope you all are having a lovely Sunday. I see beautyboxes everywhere in the beauty community and was curious to see if there were any in the Netherlands. I went searching and came across this  where the beautyboxes that are available for me are gall listed so I could see which one I wanted to try. I went for the Styletone beautybox, if you’re curious to see more about it then please keep reading. 

I chose the Styletone beautybox because I wanted to try it since the review said you get always fullsize products plus it was the most affordable one. For one month you pay €12,50, shipping included. What’s even better is that the parcel is small so it’ll fit in your mailbox. I went on the Styletone website and this is what they said:

«The StyleTone Beautybox is a monthly beautybox which is always filled with 5 full-size beauty products. The best, newest and undiscovered brands are selected by the StyleTone Team. So you will only receive high quality and new products! You can choose to receive the Styletone beautybox every month, or choose a 3, 6 or 12 months subscription. And it gets better! The bigger the subscription is you buy, the more discount you’ll receive! »

Let’s move into the more exciting part of this and see what’s inside. This is how the box looks like when you open it. There’s also a little magazine included where it tells you which products are inside and what they are being used for.

Looks pretty cool. I’ll show you pictures of the products that are inside and will add the description of what each of them does and what it’s for.

Below we have the Manna Kadar Lip Locked Power Gloss Stain the little booklet says the following about this:

The next product is the LekkerInEenPotje Lip Scrub in Rose and Peppermint, this is what is written about it:

« LekkerInEenPotje (Goodness In A Jar) is a vegan, handmade and completely natural skin & haircare line from Utrecht! All these products – including added flavouring – are so natural, that they are safe to eat! And you’ll want to after smelling, believe us ;-)! You’ve received either strawberry & lemon or rose & peppermint, two insanely good smelling scrubbies that you’ll never want to live without! Organic coconut oil and shea butter ourish you lips while making them super soft. The scrub is easy to use, just gently rub it in circles on your lips until they are soft and kissable! Don’t forget to lick your lips after ;-)! »


Next is an eyelid primer from Emite, this is what is said about it:

« Primer will make sure your makeup lasts longer; stays in place (where you want it to be!) and will make the eyeshadow colours you apply on top look more vibrant. But did you know you can also use it to cover dark circles? Dab it on a hard-to-cover blemish before applying concealer (it works!) or on the fine lines around your mouth to prevents those small cracks in your foundation. Now this primer is so nourishing for your skin that Emite says you can wear it on its own to give the eyelids moisture and protection while having a polished nude look. Oh, and we love it when we can say this: it does not contain parabens! »


Then we have an eyeshadow brush let’s see what’s written about that:

« With a wooden handle, aluminium ferrule and precisely shaped synthetic bristles this might be your new best makeup friend. The stiffness of these brushes helps you blend in the crease and be super precise. Use the eyeshadow brush to apply eyeshadow on the lid, blend in the crease and add a thin line in your lash line. »


And the final product in the Styletone beautybox is the 29 cosmetics crush grape seed age protecting blush. This is what they said about it:

« This blush is not just a pretty shade on your cheeks; it also nourishes your skin! Grape seed extract helps protect from environmental pollutants and harmful free radicals. But above all they look so pretty! Berries is the most safe shade, a pretty old rose colour which fits all from super fair to tanned and even dark skin,especially those with a red undertone. »

I’m definitely impressed with the products inside the box. Of course I don’t know how they work but just from the first impression I’m excited. If you have gotten curious about the Styletone beautybox, take a look at their website.

Here you’ll have a list of the original prices of the products so we can see how much we’ve saved:

  • LekkerInEenPotje Lip Scrub €4,95
  • 29 cosmetics crush grape seed age protecting blush €34,95
  • Emite eyelid base €29,00
  • Manna Kadar lip locked priming gloss stain €21,95
  • Marsk eyeshadow brush €12,00

The total value of the box was €102,85 which means we’ve saved: €90,35 seems like a great deal to me. I’m definitely gonna see if the next months are gonna be as nice as these so stay tuned for more unboxings.

If you want a review of one or more products from this beautybox, let me know and I’ll definitely do that for you. For now, have a nice day and see you Tuesday!

All the love, Des x


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