Zoeva Rose Golden Eyeshadow Palette | Review


Hii everyone! Today’s Friday so the end of another week, who’s excited for the weekend? I’ll be reviewing the Zoeva Rose Golden eyeshadow palette today. I’ve mostly known Zoeva for their brushes, but it turns out they have quite a few makeup products as well. Curious as I was, I bought 2 eyeshadow palettes and today I will be reviewing and showing you a look I made with one of them. If you want to know my thoughts on the Zoeva Rose Golden palette, keep on reading.

First things first I went on the Zoeva website to see what they said about the palette:

« Our ZOEVA Rose Golden Palette is inspired by a woman’s gentle side – a harmony of lustrous hues in rose golden and royally dark browns for shimmery natural and dramatic glamour makeup looks. The Rose Golden Palette underlines the feminine side and reminds one – being a woman is a pleasure. »

I bought my palette at the official Zoeva site for €21,80 which I thought was quite a good price for 10 eyeshadows. The products are coming from Germany and since I live in the Netherlands I had to pay an extra €5,50 for shipping. I think that’s a good deal, not too expensive, and it’s not a reason to not order it since shipping even within the Netherlands is mostly set at €4,95. The site claims that shipping takes about 2-8 business days which is correct, I received my package after 4 business days.

Now lets move on to the packaging of the palette. This is how the outside looks like, it’s a beautiful thin palette. I love how it looks, the gold on it makes it look very luxurious.


The palette on the inside looks like this. The 10 shadows are inside, sorted from the lighter to the darker ones. I love that the inside also has the same golden detail from the outside of the packaging, it’s beautiful.


Here’s a closeup of the colors of the eyeshadows. As you can see most of them are shimmery colors since there are mostly metallic shadows in this palette.


After I saw the packaging and how the shadows looked, I was very excited to swatch them to see how they would feel and how the pigmentation would look. First I swatched the top row, first picture is natural lighting and the second with flash. I’m always surprised what a difference a flash makes because in the first picture you’d think they are all matte shades but in the second picture you can clearly see most of them are shimmery.


From left to right we have:

  • Luster a light matte brown shade perfect to use as your transition shade.
  • Reflective Elegance a light almost brownish, rose shimmery shade.
  • Copper is King a coppery shimmer shade.
  • Shining Bright a rose golden metallic shade.
  • Rusty Petals a medium brown metallic shade


Let’s move on to the bottom of the shades. Again I took two pictures and swatched them from left to right.


From left to right we have:

  • Foil a beautiful brown almost orange metallic shade with a lot of glitters.
  • Just a Rose is a beautiful rose golden metallic shade with gold glitter through.
  • Golden Rule your typical golden metallic shade.
  • Harmony is a grey satin shade.
  • Wonder Full is a dark brown almost black satin shade.


The glittery/metallic shades swatched fabulous like a dream. They felt very buttery and soft and the pigmentation on my arm was good as you can see in the swatches. The light brown and the last two satin shades were a bit of a disappointment. I barely got any pigment from them, for them to actually show up at my arm I had to swatch 2/3 times. That was a bit of a let down for me.

You never really know how good an eyeshadow is until you try them on your eyes itself. It can swatch perfectly on your arm but not be as good on your actual eye, that is why I created a look for you, so you can see how the shadows look in action.

Let’s have a closeup of my eyes first. (Please don’t mind my foundation it doesn’t look that good from up close, it’s very frustrating.) And the second picture is the completed look. You’ll always have trouble to see the completed eye look in my full size pictures because I have hooded eyes unfortunately.


I’ll tell you how I got this look. I put Luster all over my eyelid to the top of my eyebrow as my transition shade. It’s very light so it barely showed up on my skin tone but it was good as a transition shade. After that I put Harmony in my crease and just blended that out until it was the way I liked it. I put Rusty Petals all over my lid with a flat synthetic eye-shadow brush. I wetted my brush with some fixing spray since the pigmentation on my eyes wasn’t how I wanted it to be. And as a final step I put Golden Rule on the middle of my eyelid, again wetted my brush with some fixing spray and put it in the center of my lid.


I’ve included a list at the end of the review with every single product I used for my makeup.

Conclusion: I think the Zoeva Rose Golden palette is an average product. I have to say I did expect it to be better than it actually was. The pigmentation on my arms are much better than the way it looks on your actual eyes. I definitely think you need to wet your brush to get some good pigmentation, and while I don’t mind doing that, I prefer it when my eyeshadows are naturally pigmented. I think the price is fair, because it’s Zoeva and like i said it’s not a bad palette, but I hoped for a better product. The shadows do blend like a dream on your eyes. It was very easy for me to create a look, because the way it blended was just so quick, so that’s definitely a plus in my book. If someone asked me for an eyeshadow palette for a good price this wouldn’t be the first product that pops in my head. I won’t say don’t buy it, but I personally wouldn’t recommend it.

Rating: 6/10

List of products used to create my makeup look:

  • Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water
  • Anastasia dip brow in soft brown
  • W7 Brow and Lash shaping gel.
  • Nyx eyeshadow base
  • Makeup Studio neutralizer in peach
  • LA Girl perfection liquid foundation in ivory
  • BeautyUK liquid concealer lightest shade
  • Morphe translucent powder
  • Essence mattifying compact powder in light beige
  • Makeup Revolution Ultra contour palette
  • Milani Baked blush in Luminoso
  • Nyc big bold mascara
  • Nyx soft matte lip cream in the colors London and Milan

I hope you enjoyed this review. What are your thoughts on the Zoeva Rose Golden palette and if you don’t own it would you consider buying it? See you on Sunday.

All the love, Des x

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