Makeup News and Stuff #16


This one has been a while hasn’t it. I thought it was time for another update about the makeup world. The releases won’t stop, companies keep coming out with new products and lines, and as always I’m here to keep you updated. If you want to know more, then keep on reading.
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Giveaway #1 (closed)


Since I’ve been active on this blog for over a year, I thought it was time for a giveaway! It’s nothing too big or anything, just a little something. I totally forgot my 1 year blog anniversary so I thought I would do it now. If you want to see what I’m giving away and how you can win, then keep on reading.
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Colourpop x Iluvsarahii $aucey Palette | Review


It’s been well over a week, it’s harder to get back into this than I thought! Today I have a review about something quite exciting. Colourpop has been bringing pressed shadows out for a while, but I never tried them, until now. Colourpop has done a collaboration with Ilovesarahii and I got my hands one one of the palettes. If you’re curious to hear my thoughts, then keep on reading.
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Wishlist | June 2017


As usual at the end of the month, I bring you my wishlist. On this list I put the products my heart most desires. Now I have to be honest, there are a lot of super amazing products that have been coming out, but I can only put a few on this list. If you want to know what those are, then keep on reading.
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Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glowkit | Review


Hello everyone, long time no see. Apologies for my absence. There have been some things going on. In May my friend visited from Peru, so I was mostly spending time with her. Then at the beginning of June I was in the hospital for two weeks. No need to worry, it was nothing bad. I’m home now for a bit, and decided to try to get back into blogging.

Bear with me if my posting schedule isn’t up to normal yet, it might take a while to get back to it. Especially now that summer is here, and I barely have any energy to put makeup on.

Today’s review will be about the Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter palette in Aurora. I already own a few of these, and they have been amazing quality so far, so I hope this one is as well. If you want to read my thoughts about this palette, then keep on reading.

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Kylie Cosmetics Valentine’s Day Collection Part 2/2 | Review


Today I bring you guys part two of the Valentine’s Day collection by Kylie. In part one I reviewed the eyeshadow and blush palette “Kylie’s diary”. Today it’s time for lips. I have two different products: a lipkit, and a mini set which includes six different mini liquid lipsticks. If you want to know my thoughts on these, then keep on reading.
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Kylie Cosmetics Valentine’s Day Collection Part 1/2 | Review


The product I’m talking about today has been through quite a journey. I was lucky enough to order them through a friend, since they ordered for lots of people, I didn’t only have to wait until everything got shipped, but then my fr had to sort everything out and send it from her place in Belgium to me here in the Netherlands. So yeah it was a long progress, but I finally got it so I definitely want to review it! Today’s post is split into two parts. First, I’ll talk about the Kylie Diary, then I’ll create a look with the palette. In another post I’ll be discussing the Kylie Valentine’s day lip products. If you’re curious to know my thoughts, then keep on reading.
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